The no-JS Club

The Internet as we find it today is unfortunately a completely bloated disaster including lush JavaScript libraries.

In our opinion, a significant part of this is the fact that building websites is far too easy these days. Anyone can create a website in no time and without any basic knowledge. Clickety click, and something like a WordPress blog is up and running. Clickety clack and a bunch of plug-ins are integrated right along with the friendly roommate named JavaScript ;-)

Modern, interactive websites with high usability can be built without JavaScript. So why is it used as an essential component in so many websites - convenience, laziness, ignorance?!

It doesn’t take many years of studying to create a respectable website without it, using one of the many Static Site Generators, for example. They use Markdown as their markup language which is quick and easy to learn and can also be used with many everyday tools like instant messengers, forums, wikis, developer platforms like Stack Overflow, SourceHut, GitHub or GitLab.

We do not claim that JavaScript is a creation of Satan that shouldn’t be used in general! In our opinion, equivalent results can often (not always!) be achieved with alternative methods.

So what are you waiting for? Free your website and join us free of charge. We are a collective of websites that abstain from using JavaScript.

This project was inspired by websites like the 250KB club, the 512KB club, the 1MB club and the former noJS club. If you want to join us please have a look at the FAQ to learn how.

The no-JS Club was created by Frank Homburg and is the successor to Karan Goel's now archived project, The noJS Club.

Maintained with 💜 for a JavaScript freer Internet.