The no-JS Club

no-JS Club FAQ

The following information should help you answer any open questions regarding joining the no-JS Club.

If you need further details, do not hesitate to create a ticket. We will respond to your request A.S.A.P.

Important to know

What we expect from a member website
What do you mean by SFW?

SFW stands for Save For Work and if your site fits into this category, you can easily measure as follows:

Imagine, maybe it even is, you have a three year old daughter and her perfect world consists of elves, princesses, princes and rainbow farting unicorns. The worst thing that could happen in this world would be if the princess broke one of her nails.

Would you want to put her through the content of the website? If so, it’s definitely SFW 😉

How to join the no-JS Club?

If you're interested in getting your site added to the no-JS Club, all you need to do is to follow this step-by-step guide:

  1. 🤞 Use GTMetrix to analyse your website 🤞

  2. Once complete, click on “Waterfall” and note 📝 the uncompressed size of transfered data

Accepted domain - All tab GTmetrix analyse result

  1. Next click on the “JS” tab to make sure your homepage doesn’t contain JS code

  2. 🙌 Example result where no JavaScript detected 🙌

Accepted domain - JS tab GTmetrix analyse result

  1. 😞 Example result where JavaScript was detected! 😞

Denied domain - JS tab GTmetrix analyse result

  1. If your website satisfies the requirement, submit a ticket 🎫 on sourcehut

Example of a filled ticket:

sourcehut membership request ticket

  1. Once your request is approved, the domain will be added to the member list

Note: We reserve the right to not add sites based on whether we think they’re suitable to be added or not

Example ticket showcasing an accepted request 🙌

Example ticket showcasing a denied request 😢

I’ve updated my website and size has changed, do I need to do something? Simply file a new ticket and attach an updated GTmetrix scan to let us know
Are there badges to showcase my membership?

Yes, if your website is qualified and included in our list, you are entitled to use one of the following badges:

Bright badge which fits darker website layouts:

This website is a proud member of the no-JS Club

Dark badge which fits brighter website layouts:

This website is a proud member of the no-JS Club

How to integrate badges

HTML code snippet for bright badge:

<a href=""><img alt="no-JS Club" src="">

HTML code snippet for dark badge:

<a href=""><img alt="no-JS Club" src="">

Markdown code snippets for bright badge:

[![This website is a proud member of the no-JS Club](](

Markdown code snippets for dark badge:

[![This website is a proud member of the no-JS Club](](

How to change badge size

Below you see some HTML and Markdown solutions for changing the size of the badge.

HTML solution:

To proportionally change the badge size you either add the width or height parameter to the HTML snippet. The browser will automatically calculate the size of the other edge.

Example using the “height” parameter:

<a href=""><img src="" height="120px" /></a>

Example using the “width” parameter:

<a href=""><img src="" width="200px" /></a>

Markdown solution:

Download the badge of your choice and open it with a text editor.

Line two contains the dimensions, which can be adjusted to your liking.

<svg width="152.43" height="30.054"

Upload the updated badge file to you web space and change the Markdown integration snippet respectively.

Will membership cost me anything? Good you asked! While you were reading through the FAQ, I was thinking about how to gently teach you that membership won’t bankrupt you but, aside from the hassle of submitting an application by ticket and waiting for it to be approved, absolutely doesn’t cost a dime!

Required reading

Member list update interval

In addition to the updates triggered by the membership application, member web pages will be reviewed at irregular intervals to keep data up-to-date.

The following information will be checked:

If such a check reveals that JavaScript is being used in the meantime, the site operator is informed via a comment within the ticket issued by the website operator regarding admission to the no-JS Club and has eight calendar days from the date of sending to rectify this problem.

In case JavaScript continues to be used after this period, the corresponding domain will be banned from the member list and the website operator will be informed via comment in the above mentioned ticket; upon notification of the deletion, the right to use any of the badges will immediately expire.

Inadmissible contents
Rights we reserve

Once a website has been banned from our member list, the website owner will be notified and the right to use our badges will expire

The aforementioned notification is made via a comment within the ticket issued by the website operator regarding admission to the no-JS Club; example ticket

If the website was migrated from the previous noJS club membership, notification via ticket is not possible. For this reason, the club member’s website is searched for an email address, if this does not lead to a positive result, the website is deleted WITHOUT prior notification.

The no-JS Club was created by Frank Homburg and is the successor to Karan Goel's now archived project, The noJS Club.

Maintained with 💜 for a JavaScript freer Internet.